Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pohela Falgun - The first day of the Spring in Bangladesh

Spring starts from the day with "Pahela Falgun". After winter the spring comes with the day Pahela Falgun. Its the first day of the spring in Bangladeh. In Bengali tradition its one of the most important and popular cultural day.

This day the country with different organizations festival programs to celebrate the arrival of the spring. In Bangladesh, the Bashanti Rong (yellow color) is the symbol of Pohela Fagun. Pohela Falgun is also known as Bashanti Utsab. Traditionally young girls put on yellow sharees with some flowers on their hair to welcome the spring.

The biggest event of Pahela Falgun will take place at Charukala on the Dhaka University campus where thousands of young men and women will gather in the morning and celebrate the day with signing songs, reciting poems and dancing.

Basanta Utsab Festival Celebrations Committee has been arranging the programme at Charukala for over a decade in an effort to popularise the event among the young folk. The day will also be celebrated across the country with various programmes. On the occasion, young girls will wear basonti (yellow) coloured sharee with floral ornaments while boys wear pajama and panjabi to welcome the advent of spring.

Various socio-cultural organizations will also arrange similar programs, including songs and poetry recitation, on the Dhaka University campus on the occasion. Children alongside the elders will also join the celebrations.

In the spring season all become fresh like nature. Spring is the great gift of God.

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